Site Verification Checklist (Ploud6)

Modified on Wed, 07 Sep 2022 at 02:49 PM

Welcome to your new site! There are a number of items to check while you're here. Follow the links below for more information about how to make various changes in the new system.

1. Get your credentials and log in.

  1. How to add a new user account.  
  2. It can also be useful to explore your site while not logged in, to see what an anonymous user would see.

2. Visual inspection of your homepage. While our main concern is identifying anything that may have broken during the move, it is good to inventory any visible changes. To do this, we recommend opening two separate browser windows to compare the old and new versions of your site. This can help you identify problems like missing images, broken portlets, and undesirable font or styling changes that may not be obvious from looking at the new site by itself.

 1. Set your homepage.
 2. Upload site logo.
3. Changing publication state of content items.
 4. Resizing images (video). 
 5. In places where tables were used to help lay out content on the page, you may need to make adjustments to fit the new site.
 6. Checking other top-level folders.   
    • Although for many sites, the main page will receive the majority of traffic, it is a good idea to verify all of the above items for each of the main areas of the site (like the News & Events and eShelf folders).

3. Re-set up your recurring events. Because recurring events work in a slightly different fashion in the new system, you will need to recreate any event that happens on a regular basis.

1. Finding your Events.  
    • You can find your events either by using the main Navigation to go to the "News & Events" folder (which may have another similar name like "Events" or "News, Events, and Calendar") or by clicking on any date that has an event scheduled on it in a calendar portlet.
2. Set up recurring events. 

4. Modifying pages. Various pages on your site may contain formatting or content that doesn't fit as well on the new version of it. Here are some topics that will help you to reorganize content to get your page looking the way you want it.

  1. Remove the portlets on the right side of the page. This is a common way to quickly add free space to a page if you need to improve readability.
    1. How to delete portlets
    2. How to hide portlets.
    3. How to block portlets.
  2. Adding videos.
  3. Using the text editor.
    1. Common text problems. 

5. Check navigation settings/display.

  1. Hide items from the navigation menu.
  2. Setting pages as Published or Private.


6. Change your site's theme.
7. Helpdesk/logging issues

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