How To Hide/Unhide A Portlet (Ploud6)

Modified on Thu, 22 Sep 2022 at 11:48 AM

To Hide a Portlet

Any portlet can be hidden on the page from which it was created. This can be done in a few simple steps:

    • Ensure that you are logged into the site.

    • On the page for which you would like to hide a portlet, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Manage portlets link on either side.

    • From the dropdown select which portlet column you want to make changes

    • The portlet management view of the page will appear. Each portlet is represented by a grey box containing the portlet’s title. If the portlet can be controlled from the current page, the box will also contain: 

    1. up/down arrows to move the portlet above/below other portlets on the page.

    2. an to allow deletion of the portlet.

    3. Hide/Show button. 

    • To hide the portlet, click Hide. The portlet will turn white, indicating that it is hidden. The Hide button will change to a Show button.
      Sometimes in order to the available options to Hide & Delete portlets, you may need to access the portlet container to do that select "Go Here"

      This is what it will look like when you are in the right place.

To Show a Hidden Portlet

  1. On a white portlet, click the Show button. The portlet will turn grey, indicating that it will be visible. The Show button will change to a Hide button.

If a Portlet does not have a Show/Hide button

Portlets can only be hidden from the folder they belong to. Because portlets can be inherited from a parent folder, this means that in some instances you will not be able to Show/Hide a portlet. An easy way to find the level at which a portlet has been configured is to: 

  1. go to the Manage portlets screen.

  2. find the grey box that represents the portlet you’re interested in. 

  3. If it doesn’t say Hide in it, then go to the center panel and click Go to parent folder. This will take you to the next level up. 

  4. If the Hide button is still missing, click Go to parent folder again until you arrive at the folder in which the portlet was configured.

Warning: Hiding a portlet will hide it at all levels of the site. If you would like to show a portlet at some levels and not others, consider creating identical portlets on separate pages rather than creating one at a higher level. In some situations, it may be necessary or appropriate to block rather than hide a portlet. For information on blocking portlets, see the article on how to block portlets.

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