1. Make sure you are logged in and navigate to the page you want to Edit
  2. Click on the Site Toolbar -> Edit. This will take you to the Editing view for the page.
  3. Scroll down to the Text field. Within this field, you may have to scroll down to find the image you would like to modify. There are two ways to resize your image:


  1. Click on the image to highlight that image. When you do this, the Insert/edit image button and the image will be highlighted. Click on this button to open the Insert/edit image dialog.
  2. Within the dialog, you can use the Size field to select from a number of preset image sizes. These sizes are denoted in pixels.
  3. Once you've chosen the new size of your image, click Insert to go back to the editor.

    1. Click on the image. When you do this, small white squares will appear at the corners and edges of the image.
    2. Click and hold any of these white squares, and drag the edge of the image to shrink or expand the image. A pixel counter will appear next to your cursor indicating the new dimensions of the image.
    3. Note that, while you can expand an image's size this way, the resolution of the image will not change. This means that enlarging your image may cause it to become blurry. If you're trying to make an image larger, first make sure that its Size is set to Original in the Insert/edit image dialog, as this will set it to the highest resolution available.

Once your image is the size you want it to be click Save at the bottom of the page to take you back to your page to view the results of your changes.

Note: Sometimes GIF files with transparent backgrounds encounter problems when they are resized, causing their backgrounds to change from transparent to solid black. If using GIFs for your images, be careful when resizing them to make sure that this does not occur.