The Ploud6 Upgrade

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Your Ploud6 site will be created shortly and your login information will be provided. You must view your new Plopud6 site as soon as possible to correct any issues that may have occured durring the migration process. The new website will become your active site within 30 days. Any corrections must be made by then. during

Welcome to the New Ploud Upgrade

Ploud6 is an update of the Ploud platform. For those who have been with us for a while, there are some changes you need to be aware of. For those new to Ploud this page still will be helpful to you. 

What do I need to do first?
When your Ploud6 website is created the original content of your current website is migrated. One feature, in particular, was not migrated as the product no longer exists in Ploud6. That product is the Cover page feature. That has been replaced by Mosaic

  • Cover pages The cover page feature is no longer supported. It has been replaced by a more robust editor called Mosaic. When your current cover pages were migrated they were converted to HTML. For most libraries, you won't see a difference. There could be some issues with the migration.

Note: Due to how Ploud6 and the improved templates your migrated site is not going to look exactly as it did before. Text sizes and fonts may have changed. Your looking for missing content not content that looks different

    If you run into errors being reported by the system please Report issues by submitting a ticket to our support system!


--- Now that you have verified your content ---

Expected Changes

  • Site Toolbar - Major update where all content management options are in a new toolbar on the left of the browser window.

  • General Authoring/Editing UI changes. Theme cleanup and updates.

  • New Mosaic Page Layout engine that replaces the previous Cover Page content type

  • New User Interface for Managing Portlets

  • Footer Content is managed with a single Footer portlet instead of 3 separate portlets.

  • Moving our email infrastructure, which will result in fewer emails landing in SPAM.

How do I know which site version I'm on?
One way is to log in if you see a text link at the bottom center of the home page then the site is on Ploud6
If on the lower right of the home page, you see the button staff log in the site is on the old version of Ploud. ( This does not mean anything is wrong it just means your site is still in queue for your old site to be migrated to the new version)

The cover page feature is no longer available. 
This information is important for those sites using the Cover page feature, especially for those using carousels

For the sites that have been updated all Cover pages have been converted to HTML. If the page you are currently seeing is sufficient for your library then no action is needed.

What replaced the Cover page?
The cover page has been replaced with Mosaic This new feature has many of the same features as Cover but offers more controls

New In This Update

Mosaic Editor 
A full-featured page editor. Learn more about Mosaic here

Mosaic offers all the same features plus a couple of things Cover could not do.

  • Center a page title
  • Add more than one carousel to a page
  • Drag and drop column content positioning (Create newspaper type text columns

Easy Form Is replacing PloneFormGen This form generator is a robust tool that allows the creation of custom forms.. Learn more about Easy Form here.

Have your users submit forms based on options such as radio buttons that they select and input fields you have programmed. The forms can be sent to multiple email addresses. By default a Contact Us Form is provided as an example.

How do I report issues or access the knowledge base? 

Report issues by entering a ticket or searching the knowledge base. Ploud includes an easy way to submit support tickets which is the best way to answer your question and report any problem you have run into. A support ticket can contain images and step-by-step instructions and is always available should you need that information again.

To enter a ticket through your website follow these instructions.

  1. Log-in to your website
  2. Select  your name found at the bottom on the tools menu
  3.  Select Get Help from the menu
  4.  This will open a form to fill out make sure to enter information in all the fields marked with a red dot. If you don't see the form make sure the Ploud Support tab is selected

  5.   To view and search the knowledge base select the tab Search Articles
    In the search field enter words such as Image Resize.

  6. Currently, there are two sets of help articles the articles containing information for your new site will contain the word Ploud6 in the title. Clicking on any of the links will open the article in the knowledge base

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