The Home Page is the first page users see when they come to your website, so it should ideally contain general information about policies, events, and resources while remaining easily navigable. Any page can be set as the home page.

    • While logged in, go to the main page of the site. This can be done by either typing in the main URL or by clicking on Home in a navigation sidebar.

    • Within the Home folder, click on Display >>> Select a content item as default view on the main menu.

    • A dialog will appear, giving you a list of pages to choose from. Select the desired page and click Save

    • The site will refresh and display the newly selected home page.

The same process can be followed within any folder on the site to set a “home page” for that section of the site. To do so, instead of navigating to the Home folder in step 1, you would navigate to the folder for which you’d like to set a new home page.

To set a default home page for folders and sub-folders you need to be at the root of that folder and are viewing the folder by selecting the "View" tab. Only then will you see the "Display" tab to select the type of view for that folder as well a setting a home page for that folder.

You can use the "Contents" tab at the sites root or the root of any folder or sub-folders to see a list of folders

Once you have selected the contents tab the contents of a folder will be listed. Select the folder you wish to work with and open it.

Once you have opened the folder you will want to make sure the "View" tab is selected. 

Once select the "Display" tab is available. You can then change the display of the folder view as documanted above.

Now the option to select from the Display dropdown Change content item as default view is available and a default page can be set for that folder