View a Collection as a Calendar (Poud6)

Modified on Thu, 14 Dec 2023 at 01:20 PM

The default calendar searches the entire site for Events and displays them on a calendar. But what if you wanted to have separate calendars marking specific events?

You can now create Collections based on Events and have them displayed as a calendar. An example of how this could be used let's say you wanted to have a seperate calendar that only holds events for the community or a separate calendar for events that only pertain to a club using the library facilities. This is now possible in Ploud6.

The key to this is using Events that have a Tag associated with them and creating a Collection that collects those events based on the corresponding tag then having the collection display as a Calendar instead of the collection. Here is breakdown of steps.

1.) Create an Event such as a club meeting every month this can be a reoccurring event. And under the categorization tab add a tag for the event

2.) Now make a Collection that lists those specific events that could look something like so. The Collection is searching for Events that have the tag Club

3.) Now select the collection and from the tools menu select Display and from the dropdown select Calendar view.

And now the collection will display as a calendar showing only those events you have defined in the collection.

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