Mosaic is a feature replacement for Cover. Much like Cover the Mosaic editor lets you insert blocks (a.k.a. tiles) into the content of the page so that you can easily build custom composite pages for your content on the fly. 

Mosaic includes a full-featured Text editor as well as such functions as a Carousel, Embedding video, and much more.

You can define layouts that can be used globally on your site. 

Easily drag and drop tiles on a page from any of the available tiles

Format options are also available 

How to open the Mosaic ed

To open the Mosaic editor navigate to an existing page or add a new page to your website. Select from the Tools Menu Display.

Then you will be asked which layout you wish to use. This will only be asked if you have not edited the page using Mosaic prior.

Next, you will see the following menu at the top of your site above your banner.

Select Customize to open the options menu to add Tiles and Format content.

To start adding tiles to your page select Insert and what type of tile to add to your page. Once selected focus your cursor on the central content area and drop the tile where you want to place it.


Every tile can be edited or deleted by selecting either Edit, Delete or use the text toolbar.

To learn more about Mosaic visit this link for far more information.