Welcome to Enfold Ploud (Public Libraries on the Cloud)! This list is intended to help you identify changes you might want to make as you prepare your new website.

  1. Adding new users.
  2. Resetting your password.
  3. Change your theme.
  4. Update your site's title.
  5. Upload a logo.
  6. Creating Your Library Location
  7. Organize your top navigation menu.
  8. Publish/hide folders and content.
  9. Check for broken images.
    1. Images in private folders.
    2. Images that did not import correctly.
    3. Resizing images.
  10. Check broken links.
  11. Managing portlets.
  12. Set up recurring events.
  13. Creating collections.
  14. Changing your site's URL.

If you need help with anything here (or with anything we've missed), you can gather helpful info about it and then search for help!