This collection along with reoccurring events and tags displays the days a library will be closed. If your not familiar how to create a collection find out here

This example uses tags which is a way to categorize an Item. You can learn more about tags here

This example also uses reoccurring events based on reoccurring holidays find examples of this here

This collection search criteria will list events that have been categorized using the tag closed. As the dates  for closed days pass they will drop off the collection list and only display the day of the closure and future dates of closures .

The view of the collection list something like this.

In order to limit the number of events that display you can use the Item Count field especially if you have created events stretching far into the future.

You can also add an additional criteria to limit events to closed days to display only for a specific year. You would need to keep in mind this criteria would need to be edited each year to reflect the current Year. IN the example below adding this criteria to what we have defined above would limit the closed days only for the year 2020.