At some point, you may want to add a script or source code to a cover page. This could be a resource search for a catalog, videos, and more. Enfold does not support scripts provided by 3rd parties. In other words, if there is a problem with the script not working such as an account issue we don't support that. However, we will help you install scripts and work through any issues Ploud might be doing to prevent the script from running. 

All content editing in Ploud uses the TinyMCE editor this applies to pages, portlets, and cover pages. You will recognize that you're using the TinyMCE editor when you see this on your display.

These directions assume a page has already been created.

1.) Logged in go to the page you are creating or editing.

2.) Select from the green bar the Edit tab

3.) On the TinyMCE editor toolbar select the source code icon (<>) 

4.) When selected a popup will display this is where you would enter or paste your script. When finished select 'OK'

5.) Make sure to select Save at the bottom of the page in order to save all your changes.