Adding a script (source code) on a cover page

Modified on Thu, 08 Oct 2020 at 05:21 PM

At some point, you may want to add a script or source code to a cover page. This could be a resource search for a catalog, videos, and more. Enfold does not support scripts provided by 3rd parties. In other words, if there is a problem with the script not working such as an account issue we don't support that. However, we will help you install scripts and work through any issues Ploud might be doing to prevent the script from running. 

All content editing in Ploud uses the TinyMCE editor this applies to pages, portlets, and cover pages. You will recognize that you're using the TinyMCE editor when you see this on your display.

To get to this screen on a cover page is a bit different than on a page or a portlet. In addition, you will need to use a rich text tile on your cover page. If your not familiar with cover pages review these two articles What is a cover page and How Do I Create a Cover Page?

The following assumes you have a rich text tile on your cover page that you want to add a script (source code) to.

1.) On the green tool bar select compose

2.) Identify the rich text tile you want to insert a script into.

3.) Select edit in the tile you're adding the script into

 4.) This will open the tile and the TinyMCE editor 

5.) From the Editor, toolbar select the source code icon <>

6.) A popup will appear this is where you want to insert your script code into. This can normally be done by using the copy/paste method as you normally do. Once you have copied your script (CTRL-C) you can then paste (CTRL-V) into the source code popup 

7.) Once you have pasted your script click on the OK button you will be returned to the editor. Make sure to click Save to complete adding the script.

8.) After clicking save you will be returned to the cover page and your working script will display in the rich text tile you inserted it in.

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