Enabling Event Registration (Ploud6)

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Make sure you have completed Event Registration: reCaptcha Configuration for your site prior to completing the following steps.

In the Ploud release for February 2017, we introduced the ability for your website users to register for an event. Creating an event can be found in another Ploud support article so we won't go through those details. This article assumes you already know how to create an event and have read 'Adding, Editing, and Deleting Events'.

Enabling Event Registration

Activating an event's registration is a straightforward process by checking a box that will enable or disable registration for a particular event.

  1. Navigate to the event where you want to enable registration. On the options menu select Registration.
  2. Click on the Allow registration for this event button.
  3. Your event is now ready for you to enter your event registration-specific information.
  4. Enter the Event's registration information in the form.
  5. There are a few fields in the form that can be customized with the event-specific information so that you can personalize the emails that get sent out to event registrants. The Subject on registering, Email body on registering, and Event contact information fields can use these values. Many of these values are already used by default in the fields so you don't have to change them unless you wish. The values that are available to you are:
    1. ${event_title} - using this value will insert the Event's Title.
    2. ${event_start}, ${event_end} - The start and end dates of the Event.
    3. ${first_name}, ${last_name} - The first and last name of the Registrant
    4. ${unsubscribe_url} - The URL (link) that gets sent to the registrant to unregister from the event.
    5. ${event_contact_info} - The Event's contact information
    6. ${event_url} - The URL (link) of the Event on your website.
    7. ${site_title} - Your website's title

      EXAMPLE: The default Email body on registering field has the following default information:
      Hello ${first_name} ${last_name}:

      We would like to thank you for registering to ${event_title}. The start date for the event is ${event_start} and ends on ${event_end}.

      If you would like to unregister from the event, feel free to visit:


      Additional contact information:


      We hope to see you at the Event!


      When this email is sent out from the Ploud system after a user registers for your event, it will look something like the following email with the field values filled in with actual information:

      Hello John Smith:

      We would like to thank you for registering to Books on Parade. The start date for the event is 2/15/2018 5:00PM and ends on 2/15/2018 6:00PM.

      If you would like to unregister from the event, feel free to visit:


      Additional contact information:

      Joey Bag O' Donuts

      We hope to see you at the Event!
      Your Library Website Title
  6. Once you have entered all of your information into the Event Registration Fields, Click on the Apply button to save your changes.
  7. Your Event is now ready for your users to register to the event. Your users will now see a Register button that will allow them to register for your event.


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