Any user with Site Owner or Site Administrator privileges is able to edit the footer section of their site. Content added here will be visible on every page of your site. 

From the tool menu select Manage Portlets and then from the dropdown select Footer

In the footer area, the most common portlet type to be used is the Static Portlet Click the Add portlet field and select Static Portlet 

Just like adding content to page, you have the WYSIWYG text editor, and its tools to add images links, and more.

Here is an explanation of the fields

  1.  Portlet Header - This will place text above any content placed in the text area
  2. Text - Here is where you have the  WYSIWYG  editor to add text , images, links, etc.
  3. Omit Portlet Boarder - When this checkbox is checked the portlet header text at the top and any text added in the field portlet footer will not display
  4. Details Link - When a URL is added to this field the Portlet Header and the Portlet Footer text will be linked to this URL

Example of what this looks like: