A News Item is a type of content that provides a space for text an images (much like a Page does). The News Item has a few additional features that set it apart: 

  • you can add a "Lead Image" which will show up to the side of the Title and Summary when viewing News Items in a list, or at the top of the page when viewing the News Item itself.
  • News Items will be automatically added to the list of items displayed in News Portlets.

To add a News Item to your site:

  1. Go to the folder in which you would like to add the News Item. Most site will have a dedicated folder for this, titled "Library News" and found in the "News & Events" folder.
  2. Click Add New... and select News Item.

  3. The Title, Summary, and Lead Image will be displayed in folder-level lists of content.
  4. When viewing the News Item, the Lead Image will show up to the right side of the beginning of the article's text. The Lead Image Caption will show up under the Lead Image.
  5. Add the desired content to the Text field.
  6. Click Save.