In Ploud you can copy and paste objects such as pages, cover pages and events and much more. By using the copy and paste buttons that are displayed at the bottom of a folder contents view.

1.) On any view of a folder you will see on the green options bar the tab "Contents" 

2.) Select the "Contents" tab to display the contents of a folder. The contents displays much like the directory structure you see in Windows. Icons indicate what type of object is listed such as folders and pages.

3.) To select an object to copy check the box to the left of the item.

4.) At the bottom of each content page are option buttons. Click the "Copy" button.

 At the top of the folder contents page in the "Info" bar it informs you of a successful copy.

5.) You can now  "Paste" the copied object anywhere in the site in the folder contents view by clicking on the "Paste" button. The object can also be placed within the same folder.

Note: all new objects whether copied or newly created will be placed at the end of the folder contents pages.