Current Known Issues

Modified on Thu, 17 Nov 2016 at 01:34 PM

This page lists the currently known bugs reported in Ploud:

Static Portal Image bug:


Issue: When uploading an image using the Image tool in a static portlet and selecting the Upload tab to upload an image from your computer to the site. Not selecting a destination in the site search bar where the image should upload to, will result in not uploading an image to the site or place an image in the portlet.

There is a fix for this bug and it will be pushed in the next release for Ploud.

A Workaround: (The following instructions will show you how to get around the bug and place an image in a static portlet)

1.) In the Text body area select the image Icon


2.) On the pop-up that is displayed after clicking the Image icon Select the 'Upload' tab then 'Browse' to locate the the image from your computer you want to upload to the website.


3. After selecting the image that you wish to upload now place your cursor into the search field. This next step is where the bug is. You can no longer leave the search field blank and have the image uploaded at its default current location. you must select a folder to upload the image to as follows.

Place the cursor in the search box to activate the search list of possible locations to place the image. As best practice the image will be uploaded to the 'sites-assets/images/'


4.) With the search field now pointing to /sites-assets/images you can now click the 'Upload' button.


5.) the file when uploading will be  indicated by the green progress bar. When the upload is finished you will be returned the 'Internal Image' tab. To insert the image click the 'Insert' button and you then be returned to the static portlet edit page and your image will be inserted into the the portlet.


6.) Make sure when done editing the portlet to press the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.


Reported Bug 11/09/16 - ( Static Portlet issue with Hemingway Theme)

Issue: A issue has been reported and verified while using static portlets in the Hemingway theme text can be broken as illustrated in this image. A fix for this will be released in the next Ploud release as of yet scheduled for release.

Workaround: This bug only pertains to the Hemingway Theme so selecting any other theme will correct this broken word issue.


For Texas libraries Apollo Script by Biblionix (Crawl) Bug


Issue: Code provided by Bibionix to scroll available online books not working when installed:
Example code:


<script src=""></script>

<div data-apollo_feed="recent_added"></div>

Workaround: None

Currently the Apollo script does not work in Ploud. Ploud has built in security features that are preventing this script from loading correctly. We are working with Biblionix directly in getting their code to work within the Ploud platform.

As soon as this code is ready Enfold will push an update out as an FAQ to the Ploud community. As this is an active work effort between Enfold and Biblionix developers,  we do not have a projection when this will be completed at this time.

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