Understanding the Display Menu

Modified on Thu, 23 Jul 2015 at 04:15 PM

When you are logged in to your site, you will see an Edit bar above each page.

The Display menu on this bar is used to switch between different views of the current folder. Each view is more appropriate for some situations than others, and changing the display settings for a folder will change the way all users see the folder, so make sure you're changing it because you want everyone to see the folder differently, or if you are planning on resetting it once done.

Below are explanations of each Display option.

Display Mode What it does When should I use it?
Standard Shows a list of all items in the folder with their author and modification date. Use if you've got a few items in your folder and you want to be able to navigate quickly into subfolders. An example of where this is appropriate is the "Site Assets" folder, where the only function of the folder is to allow you to choose from the "Images" and "Files" subfolders.
Summary Shows you the Title and Summary for each item, with a "Read More..." link after each one. Use if you want to provide a list with a little bit of context for each item in the list.
All Content Shows all of your content in sequential order - meaning that you'll see images and pages in full size, one below the other.  You might want to use this view if you have only a few pages or images in your folder, and you want to show all of them to anyone who goes to the folder.
Tabular Displays a list of content items in a table format. This view is useful if you want to be able to look at author, modification date, and content type for a large number of items in a single folder. This is because it makes each item a one-line item, making it easier to scroll through a large number of items than in other items. Very similar to the Contents tab, but the functionality of the Contents tab (adding/deleting/reordering/renaming new files) is not present.
Thumbnail Displays sets of image thumbnails. Non-image content will not be displayed in this view. Folders that contain only images. It's not recommended to use this view option most of the time, as it's fairly limited in what you will be able to show and can be confusing.
Change content item as default view... Choose a page within the folder to act as the "front page" for that folder. This is the standard mode for displaying a folder, because it allows for such a broad range of customizations. You can create a page that has links to other pages and folders within the folder and organize your content within that page however you'd like.

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