Changing to color of your text or its background is easy with the color pickers in the text editor.

  1. While on the page for which you would like to modify the text, click on the Edit button in the menu above the page's text.
  2. Scroll down to the text editor. 
  3. The left button will change text color, and the right will change the background color around the text.

    The color picker buttons allow you to choose colors for your text and its background.

  4. Click the arrow next to one of the color buttons to open a color selection menu. Clicking the desired color will set the color for the button.

  5. Use your mouse to highlight the text you would like to change.

  6. Click the color button (not the arrow next to it) to set the color of the text. The same can be done with the right-hand button to set the background color.

  7. To remove text color or background color, open the color picker and select the bottom-right square with an X in it to remove color formatting.