PloneFormGen is the name of the product in Ploud that you use to create forms. This how-to is not how to create forms but how to configure the mailer adapter. The mailer adapter is what you add to your form in order to control 

what email the form uses to send the submitted form to and how to pull from a field an email address to reply to should you want to reply to the submitter.

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This how-to assumes you have created a Form Folder and want to add a mailer adapter and configure it to

1.) configure the email address to send the form to once the form is submitted

2.) Configure the mailer adapter extract an email address from a field the submitter fills into reply-to so you can answer questions etc by replying to the email that was submitted.

Adding the mailer adapter

1.) Logged into the site go to the form folder you want to add a mailer adapter to if one is not already added

2.) Select Add New and from the drop-down select Mailer Adapter

3.) After adding the mailer adapter to access the adapter select from the green bar the Contents tabThis will open the folder showing all the form adapters.


4.) To open the Mailer adapter click on it 

5.) Select Edit from the green bar (The following screen is where you input the email address to send the submitted form to.

Enter the recipient's name and email address here. After this when a user fills out this form and selects to submit the form will be sent using the information provided from this page and save.

6.) This next step is how to configure the mailer adapter so that when the library wishes to reply to the form using email the Reply-To address will be used for the email reply.

In order for this to work a string field to input the email address to be used as a reply-to needs to be on the form.

Example of a string field configured to validate the email address entered

Once you have confirmed there is an input field validating the user filling out the forms email address return to the mailer adapter (Step 3) and select Edit then select the addressing tab

Configure this page as shown in the image below and save

Note: The field name used when creating the strig field the title was "Your E-Mail Address" you may have called it something else

This completes the mailer adapter configuration to send a submitted form to a specifc email addfess and that email recieved when replied to will use the email address of the submitter.