There are two display views you can use for the Ploud Calendar. This does not include the LocalHop calendar.

The Ploud default view for a calendar is to use dots when an event exists for a specific day. These dots come in various colors to denote a type of Event. 

The second display option instead of colored dots uses a text description that includes a time and short description that can be be expanded on by clicking on it

You can easily change this calendar view back and forth by changing it's display type. Here is how to make that change.

1.) Log into the site

2.) Go to the calendar location on your Ploud site. 

3.)  Once you are on the calendar page Select Display from the green edit bar and from the menu at the bottom select the Default Calendar view option or Calendar V2 View

Once you select a view the calendar will change and display the the view selected there no action required. The image below shows the Calendar V2 view