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This article pertains to the cover page feature built in your Ploud site. If your not familiar with the cover page feature you can learn more at the following links

What is a cover page

How to create a cover page

The Hero tile is a new tile that has been added to the Cover Page to use in place of a carousel. Although carousels add some action to a cover page they are not recommended.

Listed here are some the reasons carousels are not considered a good practice.

Why Carousels are not recommend 

1.) Carousels are not ADA compliant (american with disabilities act) and are very difficult to make them so.

2) They are harder to maintain

3) They make the site load more slowly which penalizes your site with Google (lower site search results),

4) No one uses them, studies have shown that almost all users do not see or interact with carousels UNLESS it is a specific use case like a series of pictures for an event. 

How to add a Hero Tile to a cover page. (These instructions assume a cover page has been created.)

1.) Go to the cover page that the Hero tile will be added.

2.) Select the "Layout" tab

3.) At the top of the cover page in Layout mode select and drag the Hero tile to the cover page 

image of Hero tile placed on cover page

4.) Select the Compose tab to add an image to the Hero tile

5.) To add an image to the Hero tile you have two options a.) allows you to add an image that is has already been uploaded to the website. b.) allows you to add an image from your computer.


    a.) To add an image to the Hero tile that resides on the site Select the Add Content button

            1.) Select Compose tab on the green edit bar


        2.) Locate the image you want to place in the Hero tile and drag & drop it into the Hero tile

        3.) To add a link and text select edit from the upper left corner on Hero tile.

b.) To add an image that resides on your computer.

        1.) select the Compose tab on the green edit bar

        2.) Select Edit on the upper left of the Hero Tile

3.) On the screen that pops up select Browse and you will be presented with the windows explore panel where you can locate and select the image you wish to upload and use in the Hero Tile.

4.) Fill out the remainder of the fields and click on Save

Here is an example of how this will appear on the cover page.

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