What is SSL?

Modified on Thu, 04 Oct 2018 at 08:09 AM

As of July 1, 2018, All Ploud sites are served using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This technology encrypts data transferred between your website and your website users browser and is becoming the standard for all sites on the Internet.

There are several reasons we have implemented SSL:

  • It's being asked for by many public library managers.
  • Secure websites are being expected by users especially when those sites are asking users to fill out forms for any information.
  • Search Engines (like Google) are penalizing sites that are not Secure, and thus those sites are relegated down the list of search results.

What this means to your library's website.

  1. Your website will be served securely by default, there is nothing for you to do and there is no further cost. Users will see your library site as secure in their browser as seen in in the Chrome website below:

  2. When using third party services, you must make sure that they support SSL otherwise their service may not operate correctly.
    1. We recommend you contact the providers of the services you use and tell them "My site is now being served via SSL and I have to ask if your service provides full SSL support?" NOTE: We have already noticed that there are some libraries that have services that do NOT support SSL and the services that once worked on their non-secure sites are not working properly now that their site is encrypted.
  3. You can assure your library patrons that their data is safe when filling out forms on your website.
  4. Google will not penalize your website.

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