The following information and instructions are for sites that are using a custom domain name (See Setting Up Your Custom Domain Name on Ploud).

It's common for site visitors to enter an internet site address into their browser as without the 'www'. To ensure that visitors can reach your site in this case, the following entry must be added to your DNS record:

Update the Domain Record

For the purposes of this article, the following example is used as a reference domain The Ploud url is

  1. Open you browser and go to your DNS registrar management page. This is the site service where you purchased the domain and in this example is
  2. Sign into your registrar account to access your management page.
    1. Depending on your registrar, the available actions and user interface will vary. These steps use GoDaddy screenshots.
  3. Add "Forwarding" Record  
    1. Select the Settings tab.
    2. Click on option to Add Forwarding (Manage link in this example)
    3. Type ; must include "www" (example only, enter your domain)
    4. Set as a 301 permanent redirect
    5. Set as "Forward Only"; do not select the "Forward with Masking"
    6. Click Save or Add Record (will vary depending your registrar).  
  4. Below is a visual representation of the steps (this is a mocked up image for example purposes only).
  5. The change will require 10 minutes to 1 hour to access your site as