NOTE: This solution article is for Michigan Libraries Only.

This article describes how to embed MeL eResource content and its links into your web pages. It requires you to 'embed' code, which really means copy and pasting some content into a certain area of your WYSIWYG Editor. 

There four different options when choosing which content you want on your web page.

  1. Long Version - This version has links to the different eResources but has descriptive narrative for each link.
  2. Short Version - Contains the eResources Links with no descriptive narrative.
  3. Teen Version - Teen-specific eResource Links such as College and Career, Homework, etc.
  4. Kids Version - Resources for kids.

These four options are attached as text files to this Solution Article, you can click and open on which one you want to access the content you need to use.


Use the following steps to add the MeL eResource content to your web page.

  1. Download and open one of the four content files you wish to add to your site. Once you open the particular text file you downloaded, you should see some HTML code that looks like:
    <p>Michigan residents or Michigan library or school access only.</p>
    <li><a text="Britannica Elementary" href="" title="Britannica Elementary" target="_blank" data-linktype="external" data-val="">Britannica Elementary</a></li>

  2. Navigate to the page you want to add this content to and click on the Edit Tab in the content toolbar:

  3. Once you are in Edit mode for that page, look at the WYSIWYG toolbar above the Text content field and find the Source code button.

  4. Once clicked, you should see the Source code area. If you already have content on this page, you will see the code that is used to display your content for this page otherwise it will be empty:

  5. On your PC, copy the code you downloaded from this article, then click in the Source code area and paste the code into the field and click Ok.
  6. You should see the results of your code pasting in the WYSIWYG editor. You can add content to the page as needed if you wish by using the editor as you are used to. Once you are done with the page, click Save.


  • You can cut and paste this eResource code into your Ploud site wherever there is a WYSIWYG editor available which includes Portlets, Cover Page Tiles, Pages, News Items, and Events.

  • The links here will not provide your library with statistics. If you would like to receive individual statistics for the usage of MeL eResources within your library, please use the Direct URLs. If you use Direct URLs, patrons will not be able to access the eResources from your website from home; only from within your library. If you would like to use Direct URLs and need information about viewing your statistics, contact the MeL Databases Help Desk at MCLS at

  • Please note: this is not related to statistics about visitors to your site as a whole. That is managed via Google Analytics.